01 about

I was born in Lyon (France), I started the experience of wood and carpentry at school as an interior carpenter.


After couples of years with differents carpentry company in LYON.

I decided to travel around the world. Australia was the land of opportunity, where i worked  as an Interior Designer to create and build the design of différents Restaurants and Coffeeshop


I took an other way when i was Carpenter as an SetBuilder on the movie production with, FOX STUDIOS & WARNERBROS Production.


 I settled my place in PARIS in 2018,where I making Wood Furnitures, Renovation of Restaurant, Appartments and SetDesigner on differents Projects as Monoprix Home, Zadig&Voltaire, WanderLust Club,Music Clip (Soprano, Franz Ferdinand).


02 portfolio


03 clients

The happiness and the trust of my clients is the most important things for me. This give to me the best feeling for creating, imagining, designing & making my Work.


My vision is to collaborate on this equale balance with  my client, exhange our vision and conception, sharing our experiences, feelings and then i can put on my work my knowledges, skills and give the best for my clients.


I got this experience through differents collaborations :

Movie Company, Carpenters company, Events Festival, Photos Models Studio, Coffee Bars Restaurants, Private clients & more…

04 contact

80 rue du Faubourg Saint Denis

75010 PARIS